Our Objectives

Our objectives begin with understanding the critical issues involved in successfully working with an employer and vendors.

  • We know the importance of understanding your unique corporate culture. (i.e. creating an  employee “friendly” relationship, becoming aware of management concerns and attuned to corporate communication methods as well as out-of-state employee issues)
  • We realize that it is imperative to have experience in negotiating benefits for the employer with multi-state, multi-site locations.
  • Our objective is to effectively communicate and understand the needs of executives, support staff employees and field workers, many of whom have dual income or single parent circumstances.
  • We anticipate that because employees tend to be benefits sophisticated, they will have many questions both about how their benefits work and how they may be accessed.  We are experienced in predetermining benefits questions and addressing them in advance.
  • We are prepared to advise you on how best to use employees’ computer literacy to facilitate enrollment and servicing issues.

A determination of appropriate carriers involves evaluation of a service provider’s ability to meet criteria such as:

  • Matching network availability with employee locations
  • Over-all premium rates
  • Carriers financial rating
  • Stability and accreditation issues
  • Carrier or third party administration performance and/or rate guarantees
  • Service quality issues such as turnaround times, claims and enrollment processing
  • UCR payments to out-of-network providers

By seeking employer input into the relative importance of these factors, it is possible to make a decision based on comparative needs and costs.

In summary, making the best recommendation requires:

  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Understanding of pricing elements
  • The ability to communicate effectively with underwriters for an advantageous offer
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